SOFT: transformative queer love and care explores the different manifestations of love and care and the intersections with politicized bodies, protest and reclamation of space.  

This exhibition holds images from queer nightlife; visualizing queer bodies in spaces that we have claimed as ours. Queer bars have long been spaces of protest, of performance and mobilizing community. Images of our chosen fams, how we hold and care for each other and how we hold each other accountable. It holds the voices, sounds, words and spaces of our queer lives and how we share, care and love for each other. This process of archiving and documenting queer love and care isn’t just about the present, it is about imagining a queer future where we exist. 

This body of work exhibited at Artscape Youngplace as part of the OCAD Career Launcher award recipient solo exhibition, November 2017.