Queer Enough

This project centers queer voices through both photography and text in an effort to both point out the obvious erasure in the queer community, and create a new space for those queer identifying people. The text gives the subjects a chance to speak to their individualized experiences as queer, bisexual, pansexual, questioning or sexually fluid people and to gain agency. It also gives the viewers a chance to look into their lived experiences and to create visibility. 
The queer visibility and stories that most see through mainstream media is mirrored back onto society and the way in which individuals perceive and treat queer people. Queerness through mainstream media is also, for the most part, portrayed as a character who is certain on their identity, and takes up a label in which others can be comfortable with. 
This project stems from my experiences as a queer-identified woman, and from my own feelings of internalized biphobia and exploring my relations to the queer and straight communities. These portraits aim to be confrontational to break the non-threatening narrative of queers as folks who ‘just want to marry the person they love.’ This project also confronts the gay community and the violence they enforce on others who identify as queer or in between. 
This project is ongoing.