Forbidden Love

Forbidden love uses the sensationalized text from lesbian pulp fiction novels with images of the artist and her partner in mundatne daily routines. Lesbian pulp fiction novels were most popular in the 1950s and 60s and used as cheap and consumable entertainment by queer women and heterosexual men alike. As there was very little literative about lesbians and queer women at the time, lesbian pulp fiction novels were used as a reference for the public to learn about queer women. However, the majority of novels promoted myths about lesbians and lesbianism. Women who are left without men can be seduced and violated by predatroy lesbians (usually butch women), and it was common trop for one (or both) of the women to die or leave the woman for a man at the end of the novel. One can conclude that this would be the consequence of getting into a relationship with another woman.

The images show banal domestic environments with the artist returning the gaze to the camera in an obvious construction of the scene and the placement of the women.

Posters wheatpasted on Queen West in Toronto, April 2017.